A look into FloData’s integration approach.

How it works





FloData Deployment Models

How it works

  • Environment & backup managed by FloData.
  • Data & metadata stored in the Cloud.
  • Private Cloud can be configured to replicate on-premise environment
  • Logs are stored in the cloud.

How it works

  • Environment & backup managed by customer.
  • Data & Metadata resides in the customer environment.
  • Logs are stored in the cloud.

How it works

  • Application server environment is managed by FloData & agent server is managed by the customer.
  • Backup managed by FloData & agent server backup is managed by the customer.
  • Data & Metadata resides in the customer environment.
  • Logs are stored in the cloud.


FloData offers a wide range of connectors that facilitate seamless data integration across different systems and platforms. These connectors help businesses break down data silos and gain real-time insights, driving efficiency in the interconnected business landscape.

Salesforce CRM

Connector: Deep Connector:

Salesforce CPQ/Revenue Cloud

Connector: Deep Connector:

Salesforce Digital Commerce

Connector: Deep Connector:

Salesforce Communities

Connector: Deep Connector:

Conga CPQ & Billing

Connector: Deep Connector:

Conga CLM

Connector: Deep Connector:

Callidus Cloud

Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:

Oracle EBS

Connector: Deep Connector:

Oracle Cloud ERP

Connector: Deep Connector:

Zuora Billing

Connector: Deep Connector:

Zuora Revenue

Connector: Deep Connector:



Connector: Deep Connector:

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:

Microsoft Business Central

Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector: Bulk Connector:

Oracle Cloud

Connector: Deep Connector: Bulk Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:

Oracle DB

Connector: Deep Connector:

Oracle DBaaS

Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:
Data Platform


Connector: Deep Connector:


Connector: Deep Connector:
Cloud Storage


Connector: Deep Connector:
Data Platform - Big Data

Hadoop Cluster

Connector: Deep Connector:
Data Security

Hashicorp Vault

Connector: Deep Connector:



Business Use Cases

FloData's versatile solutions cater to various business use cases, from streamlining processes to enhancing customer experiences. Let's explore some of the impactful use cases where Flodata makes a significant difference.

  • Quote to Order Business Process Integration

    Sales Operations


    Automates conversion of Salesforce CPQ /Conga Quote to Oracle Cloud/SAP/NetsuiteSales Order.

    Business Value
    Helps improves Order Cycle time and reduce Order Touch Rate by 98%
  • Oracle Cloud Accelerator

    Sales Manager Forecast Data Integration


    Automated integration solution for migrating the Sales Manager Forecast Data from Sharepoint and Oracle e-Business Suite to Oracle Planning Central Cloud

    Business Value
    Ensures efficient and error-free data migration with accuracy of 99% by reducing the risk of data inconsistencies and minimizing manual effort by 80%.

    Enables publishing the user friendly dashboards and reports
  • WMS-SAP Business Process Integration

    Warehouse Management


    Real time integration of master and transactional data between WMS and SAP.

    Business Value
    Helps to effectively perform warehouse management for the end clients. Solution can be ported with minimal configuration changes for different clients
  • Salesforce Multi-Org merge

    Data merge


    Consolidate master and transactional data by merging two or more Salesforce orgs into One-Salesforce Org

    Business Value
    Gives consolidated view of the opportunities to business owner and sales agents


Uncover the distinguishing characteristics that make it the premier alternative to single-function tools.

Low Code/No Code

Choose one of our out-of-the-box workflows, or design your own with our intuitive drag-and-drop system. Plus, you don't have to be a coding whiz to integrate your applications and manage your data network - it's as easy as a few clicks.

Flexible & Scalable Architecture

Take complete control of your integrations with our versatile deployment options: Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid. Moreover, you can change from Cloud to on-premises or hybrid deployment models without having to rewrite any code.

Multitude of connectors

Our ready-to-use 60+ connectors allow FloData to be used with models and components for any data integration requirement.

Bi & Multi-Directional Data Synchronization

Syncing all your connected systems keeps your data accurate - it's the best way to maintain consistency.

Workflow Automation

Leverage OOTB or customized flow to automate the repetitive tasks. Additionally, configuring the workflow schedule to run at a specific time or trigger once a particular event criterion is met helps to simplify the integration process.

Supports Multiple Sources, Systems, & Data Formats

We got you covered with legacy formats, whether they are structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. That way, you can effortlessly integrate systems from different sources.

Data Cleansing & Profiling

We keep an eye out for any poor quality data, including missing elements, double-ups, and invalid entries, and get rid of it.

Immediate Data Previews

Get a quick look at the input and output data so you can increase flexibility, see the mappings more clearly, and fix any issues before you run your integration flow.

Enterprise-Grade Data Security & Compliance

Security is our top priority, so we employ SSO authentication and follow global data privacy acts, providing role-based access.

Comprehensive Integrations

Connect systems, be it in cloud, on-premise or hybrid, seamlessly.

  • Advanced integration capabilities compared to ESB or custom-built solutions.
  • No additional on-premises software deployment is required.
  • Complete access management of on-premise applications.
  • Cloud-agnostic & supports APIs, REST, JSON, & OAuth.
  • Pre-built industry-specific integration templates.
  • Design and implement hybrid integrations between cloud and in-house enterprise apps.

Enterprise Capabilities

Supply Chain

  • FloData enables seamless data integration and automation in supply chain management.

  • It enhances efficiency, improves customer service, and provides real-time visibility for better decision-making.

  • FloData ensures compliance and data governance, leading to optimized supply chain operations and increased profitability.

Customer Relationship Management

  • FloData enhances CRM with integrated customer data and personalized interactions.

  • Automation streamlines CRM processes, leading to increased efficiency and better lead conversion.

  • Real-time insights aid in data-driven decision-making, improving customer experiences and retention.

Warehouse Management

  • FloData enhances warehouse management with real-time inventory visibility and streamlined order fulfillment.

  • Its automation capabilities improve warehouse efficiency, leading to reduced costs and faster order processing.

  • Data-driven decision-making and compliance ensure optimized warehouse operations and seamless integration with ERP systems.

Human Resources

  • FloData streamlines talent acquisition and recruitment by integrating data from various sources.

  • It simplifies HR operations by creating a centralized employee database for real-time access to employee information.

  • FloData enables data-driven performance management, compliance, and employee development, enhancing HR efficiency and the overall employee experience.

Merger & Acquisitions

  • FloData facilitates seamless data integration and consolidation during mergers and acquisitions.

  • It enhances due diligence by providing real-time visibility into financial and operational data.

  • FloData streamlines post-merger integration, ensuring cost savings and operational efficiency.

Business Intelligence

  • FloData impacts business intelligence by integrating and centralizing data from various sources.

  • It provides real-time insights for faster decision-making and data-driven strategies.

  • FloData enhances data accuracy, facilitates BI platform integration, and offers scalability and flexibility for evolving business needs.

Digital Transformations

  • FloData impacts digital transformation through seamless data integration and unification.

  • It enhances automation, efficiency, and real-time insights for data-driven decision-making.

  • FloData ensures scalability, adaptability, and improved customer experiences, supporting successful digital transformation and innovation.

Curious about how FloData can help kickstart your business transformation needs?