On-Cloud or On-Premise – FloData is here to help!!

Let us start by knowing what is On-Cloud and On-Premise. 

In very simple words, On-cloud refers to the servers that are accessed over the internet including software and databases present. On the other hand, On-premise is when an organization keeps all of its Information Technology infrastructures onsite either managed by third-party vendors or by themselves. Though, most of the companies are moving towards the Hybrid Model. 

It is a well-known fact that cloud computing is the talk of the hour. It has grown in popularity in recent times. However, it has put many organizations in confusion to decide what is better for business as they see many vendors shifting focus from On-Premise to On-Cloud. 

Parameters  On-Premise  On-Cloud 
Data Security and Maintenance  Security remains the primary concern for any organization. On-premise trust on their own hardware and servers. However, additional safety and security, updates, additional power servers, database software, and much more needed.  Security is the primary barrier to a cloud computing deployment. Though, organizations can access any application anytime over the hosted cloud. The service provider maintains and upgrades the systems on their servers, gives easy accessibility to applications, and secured storage space.
Monitoring  Organizations have a complete charge to decide on configurations and related processes.  There is no need to purchase any additional infrastructure with a cloud-based subscription. 
Privacy  There is 100% privacy, no dependency on internet connectivity, or external factors to access the software. On-cloud users can utilize dedicated space completely with no shared resources. 
Support Services  Rely on the internal IT and Hardware team to fix bugs, take care of security patch testing.  Huge dependency on service requests raised 
Licenses and subscription  Monthly/quarterly payments and subscription renewals with the help of internal IT team support taken care of by the organization Monthly payments for licenses are taken care of in the subscription package. 
Customization and configuration Allows the users to choose and make customization and configurations at their preferred time where none of the business  Allows the user to make limited customization and configurations in a stipulated time. 

Data management, migration, and integration remain the paramount concern for any organization. There are pros and cons associated with On-premise and On-cloud. It’s the business that decides to go with what suits their needs. The data migration using any of the environment is full of challenges but worry not as FloData is here for your data needs. 

In addition to that,  FloData can help with decision making and achieve success in data management. We help you with the shift from on-premise to on-cloud and vice versa with data integration between the application on-premise and on-cloud. 

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